Our Programs

Loyalty Membership

Receptio's Loyalty Membership Programme allows you to upgrade your customers into members of your brand. Use this programme to build a community and reward your members for their loyalty. The memberships can be gifted or sold both online and offline. Setup your own reward structure with sophisticated tools such as cashback, visit based offers, spend based offers, extended happy hours, specific time bound offers, offers on specific days etc. All the above are systematically released, tracked and redeemed using smart vouchers. This makes in depth consumption and redemption analytics possible.

Digital Bulk Buy

Package your most unique and highly consumed products and sell in bulk. Have your customers subscribe to multiple units of your product (such as beer, liquor, coffees, burgers etc.) and give them the freedom to consume it over a period of time. Customisation of the packages is vast. Sell your packages both online and offline and watch your repeat visitors grow. This is a great way to get your customers to buy full bottles of liquor.
Similarly, you can also package experiences in bulk and get customers to subscribe and consume over a period of time.


Create a specialised digital wallet for your brand and have your customers "PRECharge" money with you.
Offer them a bonus as an incentive and have them spend at your brand from their new digital wallet. Customers can PRECharge both online and offline - customers can buy and recharge easily wherever they are. You decide the prices, the bonuses and the validity!