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Digital Concierge

Build & deploy experiences across your business portfolio and enable your services to reach beyond.

Concierge Services receptio-marketing

Transcend your services from an analog business to a digital booking system and be a go to source for guests

Virtual Reception receptio-marketing

Modernizing your customer information, guest relations & management capabilities

Digital Catalog receptio-marketing

Boost your business with media rick channel that's designed to increase sales and visibility

Branded Cards

Create digital value cards with your branding and load it with benefits. Sell them or gift them to your customers.

receptio-digital Digital

Keep a track of how many value card holders you have and make the tracking of their redemptions and repeat visits easy and seamless!

receptio-digital Control

You have complete control over what benefits you want to give your customers and what you want to price your value cards at!

receptio-digital Analytics

Gain actionable insights into how your customers are interacting with your brand's offerings to improve effectiveness and develop future strategies.

Auto Communication

Automatically connect with customers by analysing historic data and sending the right reward to the right customer.

Targeting receptio-marketing

Improve long term patronage of your customers through relevant, targeted marketing to encourage repeat visits.

Social receptio-marketing

Shape the public perception of your brand by leveraging social media integrations to influence the information that's being written about you online to improve your brand's reputation and increase sales.

Reputation receptio-marketing

Encourage customer interaction and opinion sharing through an intelligent feedback tool and foster your brand's growth & loyalty.

Formats receptio-marketing

Notify your customers of important announcements through rich formats & mediums.


Get more data about your customers with our savvy phone book. Use this intricate data to grow your business, customise marketing, increase sales, and deploy better customer support.

receptio-phonebook Aggregate

Capture mutiple data from a single data point. Enter your customer's phone number and get their name, email id, date of birth etc.

receptio-phonebook Enrich

Transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with them across multiple platforms in a truly customised way.

receptio-phonebook Tag

Filter and tag customers into various buckets to take smarter action with them.

receptio-phonebook Analyze

Gain actionable insights and enhance overall customer experience.

Our happy clients

The Founders have the tremendous hustle and are genuinely good guys, They are building solutions for a big industry - hospitality and restaurants - that can use better customer service and loyalty and most importantly they do a terrific job of listening to their customers and building improvement based on feedback.

Nandu Madhava

Former Director of Growth, Twitter Inc.


Receptio’s plus point is its team. Their promptness and efficiency clubbed with their technology has really helped me build a strong customer base to help understand them better. The team has enabled me to get much better returns for my business!


Proprietor, Once Upon a Flame